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Enabling flexible and durable polyurethane innovations

Polyether or polyester polyols combine with isocyanates and other additives to make it easier than ever to create flexible polyurethane foams and semi-rigid polyurethane plastics for consumer and industrial markets.

Our portfolio of polyols offers a wide variety of performance attributes for polyurethane formulations in many markets, from consumer care to industrial applications.

  • VORANOL™ Polyether Polyols are useful in the production of high-resiliency, flexible molded foams and can be used to formulate coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.
  • VORAPEL™ Polyether Polyols is a family of hydrophobic polyols that improve moisture and chemical resistance in coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers for an improvement of up to 50% in water uptake.
  • VORAGUARD™ Polyether Polyols make it easier to comply with regulatory standards and deliver excellent fire-retardant properties, ultra-low emissions and increased comfort levels in flexible foams for furniture, bedding and seating applications.
  • VORASPEC™ Urethane Acrylate improves the durability of epoxy coating and adhesives systems while enhancing flexibility and impact resistance in composites and structural adhesives in infrastructure and industrial applications.
  • SPECFLEX™ Activ Additive Polyols help reduce or eliminate the addition of catalysts while creating consistent, high-quality bonds, and enabling resistance to severe elements, including humidity, heat, fog, oil and water exposure.
  • BESTER™ Saturated Polyester Polyols offer high thermal stability, good flexibility at various temperatures, hardness, hydrolytic stability, solvent resistance and good adhesion to wood, metals, paper and plastic. These polyols can be used in many applications, including industrial polyurethane adhesives, polyurethane coatings, thermoplastic polyurethanes, cast elastomers and slabstock foams.