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Consumer Goods and Appliances

Comfort and Convenience

Delivering solutions for the products we rely on every day

Changing consumer demands require innovative materials and technologies that meet expectations for style, comfort, performance and durability. We are collaborating across the industry to develop materials that improve consumer products people rely on every day.

Consumer goods

  • Footwear products made lighter, more comfortable, better fitting and higher performing – including fully customized, print-on-demand midsoles
  • Bedding with enhanced support and comfort from foams enabled by polyurethane solutions
  • Custom-molded foams and integral skin
  • Dynamic 3D printing technologies that allow for faster prototyping, increased customization and greater design freedom
  • Technologies for circuit boards that make consumer electronics thinner and more water resistant while increasing battery life 

The Perfect Fit

Learn about the performance and comfort that a 3D printed midsole can achieve and the potential for this technology to disrupt more than just the footwear industry.


  • Tougher appliances that run more quietly and energy efficiently with polyurethane-enabled insulating foams
  • PCB modules for safer, more functional and reliable appliances – enabled by silicone adhesives and sealants that offer proven performance, flexible processing, simpler assembly and improved thermal management

Discover ComfortScience

Learn how tailored material solutions deliver the most comfortable experience possible.