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What does comfort mean to you?  

Everyone needs comfort – it’s fundamental for quality of life and a sense of wellbeing. At Dow, we know that comfort means different things to different people in different contexts – whether they’re enjoying deep, restorative sleep, or simply resting and relaxing.  

That’s why we work to understand how people experience comfort. Combining that with our scientific experience and technical know-how, we’ve produced a range of high-quality technologies that address different needs and expectations – so your customers can experience more restful nights and more productive days. 

Curious about how we can enhance the comfort experience together? You can join us in our ComfortScience™ Studios – equipped with measuring technologies to evaluate and improve sleep solutions – to collaborate on the comfort that matters to your customers. 

Rest easy with our innovative bedding solutions

Sleep has a huge impact on health, well-being and happiness – which makes bedding especially important. 

That’s where ComfortScience™ comes in. By combining our chemistry expertise with advanced data analysis, tests and technology, we’ve developed a varied range of bedding technologies to improve comfort and promote deeper, healthier sleep. 

Close-up of hands making a bed, ComfortScience CLEAN branding elements and logo

Wash in the morning, use in the evening 

For allergy sufferers, busy parents, and carers, comfort is about trusting that the products we use every day will keep our families and ourselves healthy. It’s crucial to know that the materials used are clean, odorless, germ-free and allergen-free.   

ComfortScience™ CLEAN enables peace of mind with quick-drying foam technology that maintains its shape – even after being washed and dried.   

Keen to explore the potential of ComfortScience™ CLEAN for your products? Contact us today.  

Couple sleeping in bed, ComfortScience COOL branding elements and logo

Keep cool, calm and comfortable  

Feeling cool and fresh is key to being comfortable. When the materials around us capture heat and humidity, it’s difficult to feel well-rested which is why we seek comfort and relief in products that remain cool over time. 

This unique foam technology offers all the comfort of a memory-effect product but with a breathable skin that allows air to flow freely and heat to escape easily.  

Want to learn more about ComfortScience™ COOL? Contact us today.  

Mother holding baby in bed, ComfortScience TRUE branding elements and logo

Feel supported with the lightest touch 

Sometimes, simplicity is what’s needed when it comes to comfort – bringing it back to the core principle of cushioned products that support the body and provide comfort to even the lightest touch. 

This innovative foam solution offers long-lasting performance to relieve pressure and support different body types at the same time. 

Discover what ComfortScience™ TRUE can do for your bedding products. Contact us today.  


Woman lying with pillow in grass field, ComfortScience Sustainable branding elements and logo

Protect people and the planet, now and in the future 

People find comfort in knowing they are making safe and sustainable consumer choices. To respond to this growing desire for ecologically friendly materials and processes, we’ve developed an innovative circular material – made from polyurethane foam in end-of-life mattresses – which can be used in new bedding applications.  

ComfortScience™ SUSTAINABLE gives your customers the peace of mind that they have chosen a more responsible comfort solution. To learn more, contact us today.  

Person sitting on matress in pyjamas,  ComfortScience SMART branding elements and logo

Find comfort in being cared for, unconditionally  

Products increasingly have the intelligence to listen, understand and respond to the changing needs of our bodies and minds.  

Thanks to adaptive qualities that integrate with smart devices, ComfortScience™ SMART technology changes as and when you need it, letting you enjoy truly restful, uninterrupted sleep. 

Discover the capabilities of ComfortScience™ SMART – Contact us today. 

Little girl lying in bed facing camera, ComfortScience PURE branding elements and logo

Discover pure indulgence for the ultimate sleep experience  

Subtle details make all the difference when it comes to experiencing comfort. Products need to mold to a broad range of body types and sleeping positions while suiting individual preferences.  

ComfortScience™ PURE is a premium solution that feels like feathers, without feathers. Combining a soft and snuggly feel with the support and personalization of a foam pillow, it elevates bedtime routines for a luxury comfort experience. 

Want to find out more about ComfortScience™ PURE? Contact us today. 

Creating comfort together

It’s a collaborative mission alongside our partners to develop innovative and lovable comfort products that are adapted to busy, active lifestyles. We take the time to listen and understand the needs of our partners’ customers – and then we support our partners on every step of the development process to create quality products which surpass their expectations.  

Wake up to a better tomorrow  

We are committed to accelerating our sustainability journey towards a low carbon and circular future.   

As part of this, we’re making the most of advanced or chemical recycling to transform hard-to-recycle post-consumer and post-industrial waste into sustainable feedstocks.  

Our innovative mattress recycling program recycles polyurethane foam from end-of-life mattresses by bringing together every touchpoint in the value chain– including recycling experts, chemical innovators and leading foam manufacturers – to advance a circular future for mattresses.   

Where comfort is engineered 

At ComfortScience™ Studios, we join forces with scientists, manufacturers and brand owners to take comfort to the next level. 

At our sites in Houston, USA, and Terneuzen, the Netherlands, we use various measuring technologies to analyze how our solutions perform and work together to improve comfort in the final application. 

We are able to measure factors like heat and moisture transport, pressure mapping, temperature and humidity tracking – and we do this with the help of tools such as 3D sensor grids, high-resolution pressure mapping systems, and infrared imaging. All of this helps us to visualize, quantify, and improve the comfort experience. 

Join us there, to co-create innovative new products that offer customizable comfort adapted to everybody, no matter their needs or preferences.


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