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Cold Chain Insulation

Energy efficient cold storage solutions to keep food fresh along the supply chain.

Supermarket aisle of refrigerated products

Cold Chain Insulation

Energy efficient cold storage solutions to keep food fresh along the supply chain.

Thermally efficient insulation for all cold storage needs

At Dow, we're helping to meet the global demand for fresh and healthy food through our cold chain insulation solutions delivering reliable and consistent performance.

Keeping products fresh and complying with industry regulations is a challenge we've mastered time and time again. Our range of formulated systems, featuring pre-blended blowing agents, enable lightweight and thermally efficient insulation for all cold storage needs along the food supply chain – from cold rooms to refrigerated transportation, professional and home cold appliances. 

Low-global warming potential solutions at the core 

Our solutions address the unique technical challenges of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations and the sustainability challenges posed by the EU Green Deal, and the increasing demand for greater energy efficiency. And we can customize these solutions to fit your unique needs.   

Insulation performance and convenience

By choosing Dow, you gain access to a range of solutions offering faster demold times, flexible formulations to suit your needs, the ability to fill complex and larger designs, and the reliability and consistency you deserve.

Connect today with a Dow expert to discuss your needs and address all your questions regarding our solutions, formulations, and equipment. When you do, make sure to ask for our user-friendly Eliminator™ & Optimizer™ low-pressure dispensing equipment. Ideal for filling complex and larger designs, it guarantees efficiency and ease of use, maintenance, and cleaning. 

High-performance insulation for food preservation

Experience efficiency in food storage with polyurethane chemistry. Rigid polyurethane foams offer versatility, enhancing the performance of commercial appliances by improving insulation, strength, and adhesion. Our advanced appliance insulation technologies are ideal for commercial refrigerators, walk-in coolers, and cold storage warehouses.   

Commercial and cold storage insulation

Explore the properties of polyurethane systems with: 

High thermal efficiency

Ensuring optimal temperature control throughout the supply chain. 

Pour-in-place and easy-to-use solution 

Our user-friendly pour-in-place system simplifies the insulation process, eliminating the need for adhesives. 

Compliance with regulatory standards

Dow’s insulation meets necessary regulatory compliance standards, for safe and reliable operation. 

Seamless cavity filling

Regardless of cavity shape, our polyurethane systems fill every void, reducing air leaks and maintaining consistent insulation. 

Climate control and cost efficiency 

With our insulation solutions, you can maintain climate control while achieving cost savings.

Supermarket aisle of refrigerated products

Food freshness and energy efficiency

Choose the innovation and performance of polyurethane chemistry for food freshness and energy efficiency. 

Man holding baby boy looking at refrigerated product in supermarket aisle

Keep food fresh

With VORATEC™ SC Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) series for commercial appliances insulation.

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Professional Appliance Solutions

Discover our polyurethane insulation systems for energy efficient commercial refrigerators and walk-in coolers.  

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Cold Storage Solutions

Enhance the performance of cold storage rooms with improved insulation, structural strength, and adhesion performance.  

White heavy goods vehicle truck

Preserving freshness, minimizing waste

At Dow, we understand the importance of reducing waste in the journey of food from farm to table. That's why our polyurethane systems for refrigerated trucks are designed to keep food products irresistibly fresh. 

Harnessing the power of pre-blended blowing agents, our comprehensive range of polyurethane systems ensures freshness throughout the entire supply chain. 

Unleashing the potential of rigid polyurethane foams

Rigid polyurethane foams offer versatility, coupled with excellent insulation properties, structural strength, and adhesion performance. Their unique attributes make them a superb choice for enhancing energy efficiency, cutting costs, and filling cavities of various shapes and structures. 

High-performing polyurethane solutions 

Experience the advantages of our polyurethane insulation solutions for refrigerated transportation:  

Lightweight performance

Our polyurethane systems are designed to be lightweight, reducing the overall weight of the storage or transportation infrastructure without compromising on performance. 

High thermal efficiency

Ensuring that your food products stay at the right temperature throughout their journey. 

Compliance with regulations

Dow’s polyurethane solutions comply with industry regulations and international protocols, ensuring adherence to the highest standards. 

Supermarket aisle of refrigerated products

Discover the power of Dow's advanced polyurethane solutions

See how we are safeguarding freshness and minimizing waste along the entire farm-to-table journey. 

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VORACOR™ Systems

See lightweight and energy efficient systems that can be tailored to meet low global warming potential blowing agents.

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Refrigerated Solutions

Explore a wide range of pre-blended blowing agents that help keep food products fresh and tasty from the farm to the table.   

Energy efficiency in home appliances

In today's marketplace, appliance manufacturers face the challenge of meeting increasingly stringent environmental and safety requirements while satisfying consumer demands for enhanced functionality, efficiency, durability, and aesthetics.  

At Dow, we provide a comprehensive range of energy-efficient insulation solutions that cater to the domestic appliance market, supporting your business by:  

Increasing energy efficiency

Our insulation solutions are designed to increase energy efficiency, helping appliances operate at optimal levels while reducing energy consumption. 

Unlocking design flexibility and aesthetics

With our innovative solutions, appliance manufacturers gain greater flexibility in design and aesthetics, allowing them to create visually stunning products. 

Enhancing toughness, strength, and durability

Dow's advanced insulation solutions improve the toughness, strength, and durability of appliances, ensuring they can withstand the demands of everyday use. 

Supermarket aisle of refrigerated products

Experience the next generation of energy-efficient insulation solutions

For home appliances, propelling your products to new heights of performance, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. 

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Disclaimer: This information contained herein is offered in good faith and is believed to be accurate. However, because conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control, this information should not be used in substitution for customer's tests to ensure that Dow products are safe, effective, and fully satisfactory for the intended end use. 



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