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Paraffin Inhibitors

Paraffin control for the oilfield

Pipeline engineers need versatile, high-performance paraffin inhibitors to address their flow assurance needs. The naturally occurring paraffins in crude oil can cause flow challenges when deposited on oil pipeline walls during the production, transportation and storage of oil and gas. Paraffin inhibitors – chemical treatments that prevent wax from being deposited in pipelines – modify the shape and size of wax crystals and disperse the paraffin back into the oil to ensure steady flow.

From proactive, preventive applications, to remedial steps designed to restore operations to their optimal levels if and when wax buildup does occur, our innovative chemistries and technologies help improve flow and bring more oil to the surface. Our solutions address both organic and inorganic flow assurance challenges, effectively combating paraffin deposits regardless of temperature shifts, climatic conditions or the cooling rates of tanks and pipelines.

Tailored to a wide range of crude oils and applications, our proven portfolio of paraffin inhibitors – including our high active, aqueous-based-dispersion ACCENT™ Wax Inhibitors – is available in multiple formulations that provide superior control for wax buildup by:

  • Offering lower dosage rates thanks to high actives concentration, requiring up to 300% less volume compared with traditional, solvent-based products
  • Increasing production output and decreasing disposal expenditure to create additional revenue potential
  • Enabling savings in logistics and storage by addressing challenges at locations like offshore rigs
  • Improving thermal stability and material compatibility
  • Reducing the frequency of workover operations
  • Improving the flow viscosity of crude oil by controlling agglomeration and pour point depression
  • Offering better pumpability and reduced dilution and energy costs
  • Improving safe handling due to environmentally friendly, sustainable, water-based chemistries created without flammable solvents