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Demulsifiers for Oil and Gas

Break emulsions for better oil separation

As high-quality reserves are depleted, many oil recovery operations are relying increasingly on heavy crude oil reserves. To recover as much oil as possible from these reserves, crude oil demulsification is used for better oil separation. Breaking these emulsions helps to meet production targets, adhere to commercial crude oil specifications, and yield cleaner produced water for discharge or reinjection.

Demulsifier bases:

  • Quickly reduce water-in-oil levels
  • Provide a clearer oil/water interface for easier separation
  • Effectively remove more water from crude oil to meet commercial specifications
  • Perform well in heavy oil
  • Reduce heating expenses with their low-temperature efficiency

Dow’s crude oil demulsifier bases include products across many chemistry types, including:

  • Polyol block copolymers
  • Alkoxylated alkyl phenol formaldehyde resins
  • Epoxy resin alkoxylates
  • Amine-initiated polyol block copolymers
  • Modified silicone polyethers
  • Silicone polyethers

In addition to being effective stand-alone demulsifiers, silicone polyethers are also used as performance boosters for other demulsifiers.

Because a demulsifier can be a complex formulation of solvents and bases, it is designed to meet a well’s specific needs. With our experience in alkoxylation, we can quickly develop customized products for your performance needs and specifications.