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Fuel Dyes and Markers

Protection for people, revenue, brands, and the environment

Discover the broadest range of fuel marker and dye solutions in the marketplace, with ACCUTRACE™ Forensic Molecular Markers, AUTOMATE™ liquid visible dyes, MORTRACE™ extractable or developing markers, OILSOL™ series and SPECTRACE™ direct read molecular markers.

By helping to reduce fuel fraud, smuggling and laundering, these solutions help assure revenue and brand ID protection for oil companies, while protecting tax revenues for government agencies.

The strongest defense

All Dow marker and dye solutions are C,H,O based, the most environmentally friendly chemistry for fuels, and offer the strongest defense against traditional laundering methods and other illegal fuel practices.

Dow’s family of ACCUTRACE™ Fuel Markers was awarded a 2017 Edison Award as one of the most innovative technologies. They enable petroleum product identification with molecular marking technology that is highly resistant to known removal techniques.

AUTOMATE™ Liquid Visible Dyes are used for product coloration and are found to be completely miscible in all petroleum fuels, lubricating oils and many other related hydrocarbon solvents.

MORTRACE™ fuel markers can be used to differentiate various grades or tax classifications of fuel.

Dow's OILSOL™ series provide high-strength, soluble powder dyes for petroleum products.

Halogen- and metal-free SPECTRACE™ direct read markers detect tampering using ultraviolet radiation, proprietary scanning technology and highly advanced analytics.


  • Offer unique marking structures, which do not appear naturally in fuels and lubricants
  • Are not fuel additives
  • Are analyzed via sophisticated 2D gas chromatography methods and are detectable at ppb levels
  • Enable fast and easy roadside fuel identification
  • Easy, quick and quantifiable detection for brand ID programs with backup laboratory methods
  • Unique, robust and admissible in a court of law
  • Completely undetectable in fuel without targeted analytical methods
  • Colored fuels are instantly recognizable
  • Highly resistant to common laundering techniques
  • High strength and stability
  • Ease of handling
  • Pumpable/pourable even at low temperatures
  • Superior solubility
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Do not introduce ozone-depleting emissions