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Polyurethane Additives and Surfactants

Enhancing performance with a versatile product portfolio

Dow’s VORASURF™ polyurethane additives help meet a variety of needs across a wide range of applications – from footwear to mattresses, automotive interiors to spray foam insulation used in refrigerators and construction. These essential additives allow you to optimize your system, solve problems and develop innovative products for your customers by:

  • Improving emulsification and nucleation
  • Preventing coalescence
  • Stabilizing cell membranes
  • Increasing ingredient compatibility and decreasing surface tension

Discover Dow’s wide range of polyurethane additives and surfactants:

The solutions you seek. The quality you deserve.

Your requirements are specific, and for good reason. You need reliability. Quality. Dependability. On-time, in-spec delivery. Technical expertise. We make it our priority to not only check all of your boxes, but to serve as your dedicated supplier of high-quality additives and surfactants polyurethane foams and semi-rigid plastics.

With our team comes a robust resume centered on global experience and trust:

  • Experience in the development, production and customization of silicone surfactants for polyurethane foam applications 
  • An extensive toolbox of proven additives and surfactants for flexible, rigid and microcellular polyurethane foam 
  • An array of global resources, game-changing science and technical know-how 
  • An exceptional range of value-added polyurethane systems, components and additives

Put innovation on your side

Whether you want to increase the compatibility of your raw materials, decrease the surface tension of your polyurethane foam system, improve emulsification and nucleation, prevent coalescence or stabilize cell membranes – success and solution begin and end with understanding. Our team wants to open a dialogue with you in order to bridge the gap and share our deep understanding of polyurethane chemistry and silicone surfactant technology.

We want to equip and empower you with knowledge. Together, we can start a discussion so your questions are answered. You will not only understand how the surfactant affects polyurethane foam formulation, but how you can maximize its ability to achieve desired foam characteristics.

To us, collaboration across the polyurethane foam industry isn’t just an idea. It’s a reality.

In 2020, meet our PU additives experts at key trade shows and industry events around the world: