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Polyurethane Additives and Surfactants

Enhancing performance with a versatile product portfolio

We offer a wide range of polyurethane additive and surfactant chemistries, along with extensive applications expertise and a global sales, distribution and technical support network to help you find innovative answers to your particular challenges.

Polyurethane additives with proven durability and performance

Enhance the performance of polyurethane foams and semi-rigid plastics with polyurethane additives. Designed to meet growing demand for high performance and comfort in energy efficiency and consumer comfort markets, our high-quality polyurethane additives help improve processing, cycle times, resin stability and yields in various types of polyurethane foam.

Durable, lightweight and cost-effective, polyurethane additives can help meet a variety of needs across a wide range of applications – from footwear to mattresses, automotive interiors to spray foam insulation used in refrigerators and construction. These essential additives allow you to optimize your system, solve problems and develop innovative products for your customers.

Part of our extensive toolbox of proven silicone surfactants for high-performance polyurethane foams, VORASURF™ Polyurethane Additives provide exceptional performance in a wide variety of formulations for flexible, rigid, microcellular, molded, spray, pour-in-place and flexible slabstock foams by:

  • Improving emulsification and nucleation
  • Preventing coalescence
  • Stabilizing cell membranes
  • Increasing ingredient compatibility and decreasing surface tension

Surfactants to meet a range of performance requirements

Increase the cleaning and wetting properties of household cleaners as well as industrial and institutional cleaning product formulations with some of the most familiar anionic and nonionic products in the industry. Our surfactants offer excellent emulsification and dispersion for applications, such as all-purpose cleaners and degreasers, and carpet, hard surface, glass, metal, bathroom, grill and oven cleaning formulations. They are also broadly used in agricultural formulations, textile processing, paper manufacturing and oilfield operations.

Our portfolio includes low-foam, readily biodegradable* and alkylphenol ethoxylate (APE)-free products. Dow surfactants, including DOWFAX™ Anionic Surfactants, ECOSURF™ and TERGITOL™ Nonionic Surfactants, and TRITON Anionic and Nonionic Surfactants, contribute desired mechanical properties and storage stability to emulsion polymerization systems, including styrene-butadiene, vinyl, acrylic and other copolymer latex resin systems. We can work with you to customize formulations that meet your performance needs, including:

  • Excellent wetting and detergency
  • Rapid dissolution
  • Good rinseability
  • Low odor and aquatic toxicity
  • Good handling and formulation properties

*Readily biodegradable as defined in OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals, Section 3 (Rev. 23 March 2006).