Appearance on Skin Shine
Increase Glide, Payout
Performance Benefits Sensory Enhancer
Pet and Animal Care Benefits Ease of Wet Combing / Detangling, Shine, Soft Feel / Dry Conditioning
pH Effectiveness Range 3-10
Reduce White Residue
Reduced Greasiness, Tackiness
Resistance Type Abrasion Resistance, Oxidation Resistance
Use Exterior Trim Protectant, Exterior Wax, Conditioner and Sealant, Interior Trim Renovator, Leather Conditioner, Tire Care, Vinyl Protectant

Silicone Only - Use Temperature Below 90C
System Ready-to-Use for Non-Aqueous Systems, To-be-Formulated for Aqueous Systems

Sustainability Claim Low Odor

% Actives 60-100 %
Delivery System Fluid
Flash Point, Closed Cup > 100 °C
Flash Point, Open Cup > 326 °C
Kinetic / Kinematic Viscosity 350 Centistokes
Material Type Fluid
Pour Point -50 °C
Product Delivery Polymer
Refractive Index 1.4034
Shelf Life 1080 Days
Specific Gravity @ 25°C 0.969
Surface Tension (1% actives, 25 °C) 21.1 mN/m
System Solvent-based
Thermal Conductivity 0.159 W/m・K
Type Silicone
Volatility Not Volatile