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Airport Roof Case Study

Single-ply roof with durability - FiberTite

Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida needed a roof that could stand up to the force of intense UV concentrations and extreme heat from the sun. Outside of durability, maximum light reflectivity was needed for energy savings. FiberTite single-ply roof, the only proven single-ply performer under these tough conditions, was chosen for the job.

The Seaman Corporation has created economical ways of building into its FiberTite single-ply roof membrane a level of endurance and performance factors well beyond other single-ply roofing membranes. The end user also benefits from using FiberTite, as the initial installation cost is very competitive and the proven long-term durability provides long-lasting value.

Superior Fabric, Compounding and Coating Technology for Supreme Toughness

Seaman-developed fabric technology and a proprietary ethylene interpolymer alloy (EIP) coating based on ELVALOY™ ketone ethylene ester (KEE) combine to make the FiberTite high-performance roofing membrane, which is unequaled for total all-around performance. FiberTite is based on a weft reinforced polyester fabric, not merely a loose scrim supported sheet. Even when punctured, the fabric is engineered to "rope up" and keep tears down to just inches rather than major ruptures as is the case with many common membranes. This tough polyester fabric provides excellent dimensional stability and resistance to abrasion and thermal shock damage as well. Its light color reflects heat to facilitate energy savings.

The FiberTite priming and coating process forms a molecular bond between the fabric and the coating, which eliminates wicking and prohibits the entry of destructive moisture or chemical solutions into the membrane.

FiberTite's EIP coating formulation is an outgrowth of the Seaman Corporation's XR-5 pond liner membrane, which is recognized in the chemical containment industry as the state of the art for chemical resistance. No other single-ply membrane can live up to FiberTite resistance to such brutal rooftop pollutants as jet fuel (JP-4), hydrocarbons, restaurant and food processing fats and oils, as well as many other common rooftop vented contaminants. The exclusive EIP coating formulation is also superior in resisting heavy doses of direct UV light, which can cause blistering and cracking, fungus and organic contamination.

Installation System to Match the Membrane

FiberTite is mechanically attached to the roof deck with Seaman approved fasteners and specifically designed stress plates. The Seaman-designed roof system provides fast, precise and efficient installation for the contractor and minimizes the opportunities of installation error. This patented system has proven itself repeatedly in meeting the expectations of the specifier, roofing contractor and building owner in optimizing the cost/benefit ratio and has earned FM Class I and UL Class A ratings, along with meeting every other major code requirement known.

Factory welded roofing membrane rolls with a patented installation tab system in 10-ft, 15-ft and 20-ft widths by 102-ft length maximize roof coverage and minimize the amount of thermal field welding needed to complete the job. A complete line of installation accessories plus 58-ft by 100-ft long untabbed rolls of FiberTite membrane are also available. Special length panels and rolls can be made to fit the customer's job requirements.

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