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Roof Tiles

Enhancing longevity, protection, performance and aesthetics

Our solutions for fiber cement, concrete and metal roofing tiles include a wide range of acrylic emulsion polymers and silicone-based additives that can be formulated to meet the unique requirements of your specific application.

Dow acrylic emulsions are designed for use as site- and factory-applied sealers and coatings while silicone hydrophobers impart water repellency as integral protection or surface protection.

Fiber cement tiles

Our portfolio of acrylic emulsion binders and additives for corrugated sheets and roof slates offer proven performance and include polymers for clear and pigmented basecoats or topcoats. Backed by our technical expertise, you can create flexible formulations for fiber cement tiles that:

  • Improve durability
  • Increase block, water whitening, water permeability, alkali and efflorescence resistance

Our silicone hydrophobers for coated and uncoated fiber cement substrates include products tailored for either integral use or post-treatment of surfaces providing reliable and long-lasting water repellency.

Concrete roof tiles

For integral and surface protection of concrete roof tiles, we offer a comprehensive range of acrylic emulsion polymers and silicone-based additives for topcoats, coatings and sealers. These products can be formulated to help:

  • Enhance resistance to efflorescence and water whitening
  • Provide reliable weatherization and hydrophobicity properties

Metal roof tiles

Formulate both glaze and basecoats with our 100% acrylic emulsion polymers to deliver metal roof tiles with desired properties and long-lasting performance. We can help you:

  • Promote excellent gloss potential
  • Improve durability and flexibility
  • Offer outstanding block and water whitening resistance