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ENGAGE™ Polyolefin Elastomers

Improve your product’s character

Wouldn’t it be nice to have resins that can be tough, resilient, and flexible all at the same time? That’s exactly the type of characteristics that ENGAGE™ Polyolefin Elastomers (POEs) bring to the table.

ENGAGE™ POEs serve as a bridge between rubber and plastic chemistries to inspire new design possibilities. One of the first polymers to use INSITE™ technology from Dow, ENGAGE™ POEs provide exceptional job performance with an unmatched balance of properties.

You can always count on ENGAGE™ POEs to deliver:

  • Excellent impact resistance alone or in compounds
  • Easy colorability
  • Flexibility and toughness
  • Great processing characteristics whether compounding, blending or molding
  • Recyclability for in-process scrap re-use
  • Excellent melt strength

When you have great characteristics, the sky is the limit. All kinds of applications will want to be your friend. Here are a few of this product’s best examples:

  • Automotive rigid TPOs with outstanding low temperature impact performance for interior and exterior applications, such as bumper fascia, instrument panel, body panels and airbag covers
  • Automotive interiors soft TPOs for excellent haptics and flexibility
  • Wire and cable coatings with enhanced physical properties
  • Footwear foams that are light and deliver excellent resiliency and cushioning to the shoe
  • Molded goods, such as packaging, toys or other household items
  • Profile extruded goods such as tubing that is flexible and transparent
  • TPO roofing membrane that is flexible and tough

We’re always ready to help you add your application to this list. Let’s talk about bridging plastic and rubber – creating something even better. The more the merrier.

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