Jet Fuel Anti-Icing

Methyl CARBITOL** Solvent is used as an additive in jet fuels to prevent ice buildup in fuel lines and to inhibit growth of bacteria in fuel tanks of primarily military and private aircraft. Because of its high flash point, Methyl CARBITOL Solvent is used for jet fuels — Jet Propulsion 5 (J.P.5) in Navy aircraft and J.P.4 in Air Force planes. In these jet fuels, Methyl CARBITOL Solvent is used at 0.08-0.15% by volume.

pdf icon Jet Fuel Anti-Icing Additive—Glycol Ethers (8 KB PDF)
pdf icon Methyl CARBITOL Diethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (33 KB PDF)

**Trademark of a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company