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Custom Molded Foam

Durable furniture that looks good and feels good

Comfort, long-lasting durability, convenient care ... homeowners want home furnishings that look good, feel good and hold up to everyday living.

Dow’s broad portfolio of polyurethane foams can help everyone relax and enjoy, with added comfort and cool touch, less odor and emissions, and more support and durable materials.

Learn how the tailored performance and maximum benefits of polyurethanes can help produce great furniture from the living room to the bedroom.

Unprecedented Comfort

Dow polyurethanes deliver unprecedented levels of comfort by helping manufacturers optimize the relationship between body weight, shape and size, the material to create a supportive, high-performing system. They offer great elasticity, support, pressure distribution and hysteresis.

Durable Materials

Polyurethane foams also are very durable and can be molded to shape or produced in large bunstock form for later cutting and fabrication. High mechanical strength properties allow these foams to endure rigorous fabrication processes.

Reliable Protection

Dow polyurethane foams are resistant to moisture, odor formation and normal cleaning procedures. They help manufacturers keep home furnishings fresh by maintaining comfortable levels of temperature and humidity in the microclimate that exists between materials and the human body.

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