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Enabling water repellency and improved strength to cement-based drymix products

Silicone technology

Powdered silane, siloxane and silicone resin additives deliver impressive performance results to drymix products. Achieve improved aesthetics and surface protection with our easy-to-use additives, and eliminate the need for post-treatments and protective coatings. The end result will deliver:

  • Improved weather resistance and UV protection
  • Increased reliability in long-term performance
  • Better durability in joint fillers, mortar, stucco and flooring
  • Easy-to-use drymix formulations
  • Water-repellent protection
  • Reduced mold and mildew growth

Cellulosic technology

Cellulose ethers for drymix applications offer a wide range of benefits including:

  • Rapid development of temperature
  • Stable, high water-retention capabilities
  • Selective consistency adjustment for easy workability
  • Precise control of rheology for good workability and sag resistance
  • Stabilization of air voids
  • Improved substrate adhesion

Redispersible latex powder technology

DOW™ Latex Powders are redispersible polymer powders that combine the performance benefits of liquid latex modifiers with the convenience, reliability and handling/storage advantages of one-component dry systems. They offer a variety of features and benefits for mineralbound products, including: 

  • Improved workability
  • Excellent adhesive strength on different and demanding surfaces
  • Improved open time
  • Hydrophobicity (water-repellent properties) and abrasion resistance

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