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Crystal Clear Bonding

Structural glass connections


For enhanced design freedom and aesthetics, DOWSIL™ Transparent Structural Silicone Adhesive (TSSA) provides a next-generation bonding option for crystal clear, point fixed glass façades. Outperforming current technologies, innovative structural adhesive helps maximize thermal performance of façades.

Suitable for façade construction as well as for glass walls and interior decorative applications, DOWSIL™ TSSA negates the need to drill and bolt through the glass – eliminating the potential for leakage of gas and thermal bridging.

A point-fixed system that doesn't go through the glass


Crystal clear bonding for point fixed façades

DOWSIL™ Transparent Structural Silicone Adhesive (TSSA) has been designed to bond metal point connectors to glass. TSSA must be applied in factory. Our technical service personnel can assist you with a comprehensive engineering and start-up service.

Applications: point fixed façades - for single, double or triple glazed units


  • Almost invisible attachment points
  • 10 times higher strength (dynamic design) compared to conventional structural glazing silicone
  • Uninterrupted sleek glass façade – no breaching of the glass
  • No glass drilling - no risk of gas loss from the insulating glass
  • UV resistant, color stable, elastic

Crystal clear bonding for point and area lamination

DOWSIL™ Transparent Structural Silicone Laminate (TSSL) is a silicone film engineered for point and area lamination for glass and metal. TSSL must be applied in factory. Its elasticity and high strength make it ideal for structural connections where dynamic loads and vibrations, for example, have to be accommodated.


Applications:  point and area lamination in glass stairways, railings, glass fins, glass partitions, etc.



  • High strength silicone film, crystal clear and color stable
  • Good elasticity - accomodates movement, vibrations, etc.

Crystal clear bonding for structural glazing and general assembly   


DOWSIL™ 2400 Silicone Assembly Sealant is a crystal clear, moisture curing, reactive silicone hotmelt, engineered for structural bonding of glass designs, to enhance aesthetics and performance, Its hotmelt properties provide immediate strength once cured.


Applications: Specific structural glazing designs, general glass bonding and assembly, automated bonding processes



  • Enhances productivity in factory bonding applications
  • High structural and movement capability
  • Also suitable for on-site assembly applications
  • UV resistant, color stable, strong silicone bond

IRCC Institute for Research and Treatment Cancer, Torino, Italy

Press Glass, Croatia

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