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Pressure Pipes

Under pressure and under control

When a pressurized pipe cracks and leaks, the destruction and cost of the damage can be staggering. Exposure to the elements, chemicals and bacteria is the enemy of pipes everywhere – municipal, commercial or residential.

More and more builders and utilities are using polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe for pressured water delivery, water lines in the building, irrigation/sprinkler systems and more.

Compared to traditional materials (carbon steel, ductile iron, concrete and clay), today’s PE and PVC pipes provide long-term performance, efficient processing, a lighter weight for easier installation, and resistance to corrosion, chemicals and bacteria.

PE resins deliver:

  • Toughness and durability for an extended system life
  • Resistance to harsh materials and environmental factors that could otherwise lead to corrosion, slow crack growth or rapid crack propagation
  • Lightweight flexibility
  • Excellent hydraulic properties – with less drag and turbulence at high flow rates and excellent resistance to scaling
  • Low thermal conductivity and greatly reduced need for insulation
  • High performance across a range of temperatures
  • Virtually leak-free performance with no fittings or gaskets that could corrode or leak over time

With PVC, boost your pipe’s performance with specially formulated impact modifiers and process aids, which deliver improved end-use ductility, process stability and heat stability. This enables low-cost solutions for a variety of plumbing applications in residential and commercial construction.