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Fascinating Silicones Proven Innovation

Historical image of scientists viewing test tube in lab

Fascinating Silicone: A History of Proven Innovation

From the Stone Age when silica-based stones were made into tools, to the modern use of silicone structural solutions keeping some of the world’s most prominent buildings standing, silicone has been helping make the world a better place for all.

For its first seven decades, Dow Corning built an outstanding legacy as an industry-leader in silicone technology. Now, as part of The Dow Chemical Company, it has the opportunity to combine its silicone technology with organic technologies to develop the next generation of innovation.

This alignment provides a powerful new set of material science capabilities to Dow.

Silicone Innovation Through the Centuries

Ancient Times

  • Romans turn sand into glass. Silicone-based technology begins.


  • Elemental silicon is isolated.


  • Electrical insulation is the first commercially successful product using silicone.


  • Dow Corning Corporation is established.
  • SILLY PUTTY® is created, becoming one of the most successful toys.


  • Waterproof boots and shoes are developed using a silicone leather treatment.
  • Hand lotion is the first personal care product to incorporate silicones.


  • Rubber finger joints using silicone make their medical debut.
  • Neil Armstrong leaves the first footprint on the moon wearing a silicone rubber boot.


  • Thin-film silicone coatings enable the development of smaller electronic components.


  • 3M Corporation POST-IT® Notes are created with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • The Statue of Liberty is restored using silicone sealants.


  • Two-in-one shampoos are developed using silicone technology.
  • The face of a 10,000-year-old woman is recreated using silicone elastomers.


  • “Intelligent” textiles are developed for impact absorption by using silicone coatings.


  • Dow Corning becomes 100% owned by The Dow Chemical Company – combining its silicone technology with organic technologies to develop the next generation of innovation.