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Dow Crop Defense is committed to healthier crops and bountiful harvests by enhancing the effectiveness of pesticide and adjuvant formulations. Dow offers unparalleled technical knowledge, a diverse product portfolio, global reach, and a collaborative approach to problem solving.

Our products serve as the building blocks for formulation success, enablling powerful performance attributes, such as controlled release, precision application, preservation, improved solubilization and compatibility, and neutralization.

We’re here to help you meet the challenges of today’s crop defense formulation requirements and stand out from the field.

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Crop Defense Events

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    ASTM International: Pesticides, Antimicrobials, and Alternative Control Agents

    Oct 23 2018 | Washington D.C.

    Speaker: Laura Havens, Technical Service & Development

    Emulsifiable concentrates are among the most common forms of agricultural active delivery for oil soluble actives, as they combine the benefits of easy transport & storage with ease of use in the field. However, as new, more complex actives become available and the use of multi-active formulations increase, the use of complex formulations is also increasing. Given the long, regulatory-driven development timeline of active containing formulations in the agricultural market, there is a need to develop new emulsifiable concentrates rapidly.

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    Argus Europe Fertilizer

    Oct 24 2018 | Athens, Greece

    Speaker: Daniel Zweifel, Technical Service & Development

    Make Your Fertilizer Formulation Stand Out in the Field – How to optimize the uptake of fertilizer into water repellant soils and enhance coverage on crop leaves through the addition of novel additives.

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    International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition (ICSCE)

    Nov 09 2018 | Goa, India

    How to Implement Efficient Components in Innovative Crop Protection Formulations

    • A systematic approach to the development of stable formulation compositions engaging specific co-formulants
    • Best practices for improving the performance of adjuvants in the tank stages and in-can applications
    • Case studies of successful applications using adjuvants and co-formulants from Dow