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Overhead view of row crops


Fresno man holding microirrigation tube in a almond farm.

Get to the root of efficient irrigation

Discover our range of FINGERPRINT™ Polyethylene Resins, which offer versatile and sustainable solutions for microirrigation systems. Crops and landscaped plants absolutely need water and nutrients and Microirrigation is there to deliver water and nutrients where they’re needed most – plant root systems.

In fact, compared to conventional methods like flood and sprinkler irrigation, a properly installed microirrigation system means that:

  • Water use can be reduced by up to 50 percent*
  • Less pressure is required
  • Crop quality and yields can be significantly increased
  • Less labor and maintenance are typically needed

Add all that up, and it’s clear that microirrigation is a highly efficient choice. But, you may ask, how can water and nutrients be delivered even more efficiently?

FINGERPRINT™ Polyethylene Resins offer the robust characteristics and proven performance needed for high-quality microirrigation tubing and tape.

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Microirrigation Products

View our entire Microirrigation product catalog to find the best choices for your needs.

FINGERPRINT™ DFDC-7525 Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Resin is used to produce thin-wall microirrigation tape for a broad range of row crops.

Greenhouse with organic pepper plants and drip irrigation system - selective focus.

FINGERPRINT™ DFDA-7555 NT Bimodal Polyethylene Resin

FINGERPRINT™ DFDA-7555 NT Bimodal Polyethylene Resin is the first and only bimodal PE resin for microirrigation. Through the ability to downgauge and incorporate post-consumer resins (PCR), this product offers the opportunity to make a significant sustainability impact. It provides remarkable:    

Hand holding Micoirrigation tube

Microirrigation, with a macro impact

Tape and tubing for healthier plants and a healthier environment. 

Why choose our polyethylene resins?

Growing demand for safer, more durable solutions made with fewer resources drives our microirrigation experts to create resins for longer-lasting, more cost-effective systems that withstand extreme conditions and extend the life of infrastructure.  

Excellent processability

FINGERPRINT™ Resins enable efficient processing with opportunities for increased throughput in a wide range of extrusion equipment.

Highly durable

Drip tape and tubing made with these highly durable materials offer excellent leak, crack, burst, tear, and puncture resistance. The result is long service life with low maintenance, helping to drive down overall system costs.

We’re fully committed to helping develop a more circular economy and conserve natural resources. Here are a few ways FINGERPRINT™ Resins are doing their part.

Water conservation

Along with the reduced water use that’s inherent to microirrigation, our extremely durable PE resins help prevent leakage and waste due to cracking and bursts.

Energy reduction

Using PE-based microirrigation tubing and tape can help lower energy, labor and maintenance costs. And, since less pressure is required, less energy is consumed than in higher-pressure irrigation systems.

Automated precision

Fertigation and chemigation capabilities allow precise levels of nutrients to be delivered, further reducing waste and helping preserve soil and ground water.

Extended service life

When properly installed, microirrigation systems made with FINGERPRINT™ Resins can be much easier to operate and maintain. And when these systems leverage fertigation, operational efficiency can increase even further.

We work alongside customers and other industry members in a number of ways to help develop better, more sustainable microirrigation systems.

Dedicated experts

Manufacturers get consistent, high-quality technical expertise when working with us. Our partners benefit from our decades of experience developing resins for top-quality PE-based microirrigation tubing and tape.

Customer collaboration

We work closely with our partners from the lab to the field – rigorously testing, evaluating and analyzing microirrigation technology.

Ongoing innovation

Our scientists are constantly working to develop even more advanced material solutions. 


We understand that farmers are concerned about increased crop quality and yield, fertigation and chemigation, reductions in water loss and energy usage, and lowering the maintenance and labor required to operate efficiently – and we strive to help them achieve their goals.

Shared insights

Strong relationships with our partners gave us the insight to formulate innovative solutions in microirrigation applications for both agricultural and landscaping systems.

Industry partnerships

With the value chain, we are creating microirrigation solutions that help set the standards for tubing and tape as members of key industry associations.

Romain seedlings planted under drip irrigation in the field. Agriculture concept.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Our microirrigation resins are called FINGERPRINT™ Polyethylene Resin for a reason. Each tube or drip tape produced with FINGERPRINT™ Resins has a special tracer element, making it possible to verify the presence of Dow’s polyethylene resins for years after installation. All you need to do is send a sample to Dow laboratories. We’ll do the rest: improving upon resin quality, consistency, and sustainability.

Creating stronger solutions together

We’re committed to offering products that improve irrigation technology while contributing to responsible water management and conservation. FINGERPRINT™ Resins are one way we’re seeking answers for the most serious issues faced by our larger human family, such as water supplies. Let’s work together to develop better agriculture and landscape microirrigation systems.

*Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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