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Sustainability Science

Delivering a sustainable future for the world through our materials science expertise

At Dow, we’re working to deliver a sustainable future through our materials science expertise and collaboration with our customers. By constantly innovating how we source, manufacture and deliver material solutions, we help our customers achieve their goals and create a better tomorrow.

These pillars represent the sustainability attributes of our product portfolio that help our customers and value chain partners deliver more sustainable solutions to the world we share.

Leaf Matrix
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Reduced Carbon

Advancing carbon neutrality with Dow

Our reduced carbon offerings demonstrate or enable a lower overall carbon footprint. This net carbon reduction is based on the responsible sourcing of low-carbon feedstocks as well as Dow’s actions to reduce carbon emissions in the manufacturing process – both of which result in lower embedded carbon in our customer’s products. 


Bio-based materials by Dow

Our bio-based products offer a viable alternative to nonrenewable materials, delivering comparable, and in some cases superior, performance. These products may offer a direct replacement or be used as part of a mass-balance approach when direct replacement is not feasible to reduce reliance on nonrenewable feedstocks. 

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Advanced/Chemical Recycling

Recovered. Recycled. Renewed. With Dow

End-of-life products are broken down into their base molecules, through advanced or chemical processes, which Dow uses to manufacture new products. This keeps end-of-life products out of the waste stream while reducing the need for nonrenewable feedstocks.

Mechanical Recycling

Enabling mechanical recycling with Dow

Our mechanically recycled products encompass multiple technologies, materials and collaboration initiatives to better enable mechanical recycling and the reduction of waste. By doing so, we help manufacturers meet the growing demand for post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

Molecular Structure
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Designing for circularity with Dow

Many of our products are designed to be recycle-ready at the outset, or enable circularity in our customers’ products and processes. Designing for circularity at the molecular level expands the possibilities for recycling across a variety of applications, and ultimately lessens the environmental impact of our customers’ products. 


Advancing biodegradability with Dow

Our biodegradable products are designed to decompose into base components that already exist in the natural environment after their useful life. Our aim is to reduce environmental impact without sacrificing product performance by producing materials that are stable in use, but do not persist in land, water, or air.

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Resource Efficient

Advancing resource efficiency with Dow 

Our resource efficient products are designed to make more efficient use of natural resources in the manufacturing process, thereby reducing waste and overall environmental impact of consumer goods. Through material science innovation, we allow our customers and consumers to do more with less.

Protecting the climate through sustainability science

We are committed to Advancing Our Ambition. Learn how we’re helping our customers reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development by innovating lower-carbon products and driving decarbonization of our manufacturing assets.










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