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Product Overview

Dipropylene Glycol Regular Grade (DPG) is used as a reactive intermediate in the manufacturing of high-performance unsaturated polyester resins, polyurethanes and plasticizers. DPG from Dow has great solvency, a low evaporation rate, low toxicity, high viscosity and low odor, making it a chemical intermediate of choice for many applications, including:

  • High-volume plasticizer
  • Reactant in unsaturated polyurethane resins, adding flexibility and hydrolytic stability
  • Initiator in urethane polyols, and as the polyol itself in some rigid polyurethane systems
  • Reactive diluents in radiation-cured resins and coatings, cutting viscosity and enabling easier application

Other effective uses of DPG are:

  • Hydraulic brake fluid formulations
  • Cutting oils
  • Textile lubricants
  • Printing inks
  • Coatings
  • Industrial soaps
  • Solvents for agricultural chemicals such as insecticides


Paint and Coatings
Other Applications


DPG is available from Dow in various quantities. Please contact us for details on availabilities in your region.

Physical Properties*

Physical Properties Units Dipropylene Glycol Regular Grade (DPG)
Chemical Name oxybispropanol
Formula C6H14O3
CAS Number1 25265-71-8
EINECS Number 246-770-3
Molecular Weight 134.2
Boiling Point 760 mm Hg, °F 450.0
760 mm Hg, °C 232.2
Vapor Pressure mm Hg, 77°F (25°C) 0.016
Evaporation Rate (n-Butyl Acetate = 1) 1.55E-03

1 Chemical Abstract Service Number
*Note: These properties are laboratory results on pure compounds or are typical of the product. Typical properties should not be confused with, or regarded as, specifications.


Technical Literature

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Dipropylene Glycol Regular Grade
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