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Health & Hygiene

The Dow Health & Hygiene Business - Come Innovate with Us

Dow Health & Hygiene: baby with mother, senior jogging, surgery The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") is an established global leader in the Health & Hygiene (H&H) industry and is strongly positioned to engage with brand owners to develop cost-efficient, innovative solutions that align with current and future industry trends. We believe our focus on innovation and building strong relationships with our customers will yield the best Health & Hygiene applications in the industry.

Plastics from Dow are used in a range of health and hygiene applications to help reduce bulk, provide better fit and softness, and promote skin health. Virtually all of the critical components in absorbent hygiene products such as baby diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products benefit from Dow's broad product line and technical expertise.

For medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging, we have introduced DOW™ HEALTH+™ Polymers, a portfolio of high-performance polyolefin and engineered resins. Combined with the support of a dedicated team of experts and backed by a unique market commitment, DOW HEALTH+ Polymers meet the specific challenges facing healthcare providers and suppliers.

Dow is also developing technologies to deliver improved performance in medical drapes and gowns; household, personal and industrial wipes; as well as protective apparel and agricultural nonwovens.

Please read Dow's Medical Application Policy. And, dig a little deeper into each application area listed below to read more about our approach and philosophy as well as specifics on the products Dow offers.