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Dow and WaterBrick® International Support Haiti's Relief Efforts

Orlando, FL - April 08, 2010

WaterBrick® International announced today that it has received a donation of key raw materials from The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) that will be used to produce WaterBricks aimed at speeding relief to Haitians in need of clean water and food.

Dow has donated three rail car loads, or approximately 600,000 pounds, of its new high performance CONTINUUM EP™ High Density Polyethylene Resin (HDPE) for the manufacture of WaterBricks that will be sent to Haiti.

"We are very proud to be working with WaterBrick International to help bring much needed relief to the Haitian people," said Andrew N. Liveris, Dow Chairman and CEO. "This contribution is in line with our commitment to address world challenges, which include the need to bring clean, fresh water to those in greatest need. And because WaterBricks can be repurposed, these materials will generate zero waste, which is in line with our sustainability commitments."

Dow's contribution is expected to provide enough plastic to manufacture more than a quarter of a million WaterBricks. Once manufactured, the WaterBricks will be shipped to Haiti, filled with clean water and distributed to Haitians in need. The brick containers can be reused as a means to transport and store water or food.

Increased support from Dow and WaterBrick® International comes at a time when transitional shelter is also desperately needed. According to Dr. Claude Surena, President of the Haiti Medical Association, there is a dire need for as many as 200,000 tents, housing 10 to 14 people each, for the families who have been displaced by this devastating earthquake. In addition to being refilled with food and water, WaterBricks can also be filled with sand or dirt and used as building blocks for construction of temporary housing, schools or medical facilities. Dow's donation has the potential for creating enough WaterBricks to construct approximately 460 12-by-12 structures or over 370 20-by-20 structures.

Since the January quake, Dow has donated funds, raw materials and clean water technology to make clean, potable water accessible to Haitians in need. More than 2,000 Dow employees have also personally contributed to various Haiti relief efforts.

About WaterBrick International, Inc.

WaterBrick International is a Florida-based corporation that created a unique, bulk water delivery system in response to the world's water crisis. The WaterBrick container delivers safe water, food and other essentials, necessary to sustain life. Once emptied, it can be refilled with sand or dirt and repurposed as building blocks to build shelter, schools and medical facilities for those in need. WaterBrick can be air-dropped into any civilian, disaster relief effort or military operation needing water, food, shelter or the construction of defense positions. For more information, please visit

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