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Fluorosilicone Release Coatings

SYL-OFF™ fluorosilicone release coating solutions for PSAs

Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) have unique advantages that make them ideal for challenging, high-value applications. With a wide range of fluorosilicone release coating solutions and complementary PSAs from Dow, you can:

  • Extend adhesive performance of PSAs for new applications and products.
  • Meet changing customer needs and enter new markets.
  • Achieve the best balance of economy and performance for your application.

In addition, SYL-OFF™ fluorosilicone release coatings are designed to provide consistent, stable release from DOWSIL™ silicone pressure sensitive adhesives.

Typical tape constructions utilizing SYL-OFF™ fluorosilicone liners

Nip-In performance

Dow silicone pressure sensitive adhesives are cast and cured onto the carrier film and the fluorosilicone release liner is nipped in following the cure step. The low release force allows for easy removal of the liner by hand or semi-automated production lines.

Transfer coat performance

For thin, delicate or heat-sensitive films, transfer coating may be an option. Some silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives may be coated directly onto films with Dow fluorosilicone coatings that will hold up to the demanding coating and curing processes. These films can be nipped onto the PSA, thereby transferring the PSA from the liner to the carrier.

Products chart

Differential release

Double-sided, unsupported or transfer tapes often require a differential in release to avoid confusion during application. One option is to use the difference between direct-cast and nipped liner to get a differential of 1.2-2.5 ratio, depending on the application.

Fluorosilicone coating products for differential release:

Dow solutions for silicone pressure sensitive adhesives and release coatings

See the table below to find the adhesive and coating that will best fit your application.

PSI chart

 Recommended    ° Recommended under specific conditions 

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