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Polyurethane Systems

Customized Solutions

Polyurethane systems can help you meet growing needs in consumer comfort, industrial and energy- efficiency markets for high performance across a wide variety of applications. From mattresses to automobile interiors, spray foam insulation to footwear, Dow polyurethane systems can help you create superior products.

  • BETAFOAM™ Polyurethane Foams – two-component polyurethane foams for use in structural and acoustical performance in automotive applications, combining insulating and sealing performance while offering NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), stiffness and energy management benefits
  • DELTA THERM™ Polyurethane Foam – a cost-effective, energy-efficient foam used for cold storage solutions such as blowing agents, refrigerated transportation and insulated metal panels
  • DIAMONDLOCK™ Polyurethane Adhesives – a pourable one-component, moisture-cured polyurethane adhesive ideal for recycled rubber crumb flooring installation
  • ENERLYTE™ Polyurethane Elastomer - an environment friendly solution using water-blown polyurethane specifically developed to enhance the performance of full or midsoles in casual, trekking and athletic footwear
  • MOR-AD™ Systems – a one or two-part urethane adhesive designed for semi-continuous laminators
  • SPECFIL™ Systems - polyurethane adhesives and sealants used to assemble filters for air oil and lubricants for internal combustion engines
  • SPECFLEX™ Polyurethane Systems – provide excellent tensile properties, outstanding color retention during processing, excellent adhesion to substrates and durability to cushioning and seating applications
  • TRAFFIDECK™ GO Anti-Slip Spray - offers a portfolio of innovative transportation flooring solutions, which are tailored to a broad range of transportation requirements
  • VORACOR™ Systems - enables custom formulated chemistry to deliver optimal performance at the right cost for high pressure system
  • VORAGUARD™ - provides manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foams for furniture, bedding and seating applications with a powerful solution to incrrease comfot levels and ease regulatory compliance, all while reducing raw material components and simplifying foam processing and storage
  • VORALUX™ Systems - offer excellent characteristics of durability, comfort, low weight and hygiene for foams with different density, hardness, and resilience
  • VORAMER™ Binder Systems - used as binders in a variety of recycling applications, bonding together different kinds of shredded materials such as rubber, flexible polyurethane foams, EVA, cork, gravel and wood mulch
  • VORASTAR™ Polyurethane Systems – spray elastomer systems that provide high-performing, chemical-resistant, UV-stable solutions for protecting infrastructure from harsh environmental conditions