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Specialty Lubricants

Tailored, energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions

Dow partners with lubricant formulators and marketers to tailor polyalkylene glycol (PAG), silicone and polyglycol base stocks and formulated products to meet a variety of unique application requirements.

UCON™ fluids and lubricants are PAG-based synthetic products that can be varied and highly controlled in formulation. They are used in turbine fluids, hydraulic fluids, compressor fluids, bearing and compressor oils, calendar lubricants, lubricant concentrates and metal working lubricants.

UCON Oil Soluble Polyalkylene Glycols (OSP) were named as a finalist for the 2017 ICIS Innovation Awards.

SYNALOX™ Water Soluble Lubricant Base Stocks are extensively used in formulations for chemical fiber spin finishes and industrial lubricants. They are soluble in cold water, but exhibit inverse solubility at high temperatures. Water-based solutions provide low surface tension, good wetting and good penetration characteristics, while also exhibiting low foaming properties.

DOWSIL™ additives are silicone-based release agents, grease compounds, top coats, dilatant compounds, heat sink compounds and more that serve a variety of specialty lubricant applications. These include productivity and easy mold release for CRM; water and chemical resistance for sealing and lubricating fluids; high elasticity and bounce for toys; and good thermal conductivity for thermal coupling of electrical devices and PCB assemblies to heat sinks.


  • Non-varnishing lowers downtime, facilitates long-term system integrity and eliminates potential for varnish and sludge formation 
  • Faster air release reduces potential for micro-dieseling and cavitation 
  • Cooler operation due to lower frictional losses, enabling smaller sumps and extending fluid life 
  • Inherently biodegradable and low toxicity 
  • Water-tolerant 
  • Increased energy efficiency by reducing friction, increasing equipment durability and improving both fuel economy and operational reliability 
  • Available in low toxicity to meet food and beverage processing standards for use where incidental contamination may occur 
  • Readily biodegradable, non-bio-accumulative, have low eco-toxicity, and are non-sheening for use in environmentally sensitive applications 
  • Can be formulated into high-performance fluids that can endure extreme temperatures and enable safe formulations for harsh operating conditions 
  • Broad range of multifunctional ingredients, including amines for pH and corrosion control and surfactants for emulsification