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Electrically Insulating Materials

Safer, stronger energy transmission

High-voltage infrastructure undergoes a lot of stress. This equipment is not only asked to support the power grid, but also stand up to environmental contaminants, physical demands and vandalism.

Whether you’re looking to increase the service life of your high-voltage insulators and distribution materials or swap out your mineral transformer oils for a safer option, silicone technologies from Dow can help.

Why silicones?

Due to their hydrophobic nature, silicones resist water longer than other materials and reduce leakage currents. Silicones are easy to install, reduce total system costs and minimize equipment problems and failures. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved arc 
  • Increased security, reduce fire and explosion risk 
  • Improved fire safety 
  • Reduced power outages 
  • Meets electrical codes 
  • Superior arcing and flashover protection
  • Extended maintenance intervals for ceramic, porcelain, or glass insulators

Which silicones?

SILASTIC™ HV 1551-55P Liquid Silicone Rubber is a high-voltage-grade LSR that delivers excellent tracking resistance and high elongation for use in insulators, arrestors and cable accessories.

SILASTIC™ 590 EU Liquid Silicone Rubber is a fabric-coating grade LSR for electrical wire sleeving; it provides good flame resistance, is easily pigmentable and delivers unprimed adhesion to glass fabrics.