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Construction Adhesives and Sealants

Seal the Deal  

Reputation, reliability and safety. These are “words to succeed by” in the professional building trades. To build that success, you need high-quality, durable materials with proven performance in tough conditions. Bring the best adhesives and sealants to the job site for waterproofing, sealing, bonding, adhering, gap filling, window installation and glazing, fire protection and improved aesthetics.  

Superior Adhesives 
We have a diverse portfolio of cellulose ethers, redispersible latex powders, silicone-based hydrophobic powders, acrylic polymer emulsions, and silicone materials.   

Styrene acrylic polymers are used to formulate nail-free construction adhesives for interior and exterior applications.  

Acrylic polymer emulsions for flooring applications can help you formulate products that exhibit: 

  • Strong adhesion to a variety of substrates 
  • Good peel adhesion 
  • Shear stability  

A range of economical dispersion-based to high-end cementitious adhesives and grouts deliver: 

  • Very good slip resistance 
  • High water retention 
  • Improved wetting 
  • Long open time  

Silicone adhesives offer additional options, with long-lasting performance, UV stability, weather resistance, and flexibility over wide temperature ranges.  

For industrial applications requiring exceptional performance, polyurethane materials deliver adhesive solutions with: 

  • Excellent flexibility 
  • Outstanding bond strength  
  • Fast curing  

Exceptional Sealants 
Whether your needs include sealants that offer a fast cure, excellent flexibility, superior bond strength, outstanding elastic recovery or low shrinkage, our cellulose ethers, acrylic polymer emulsions, polyurethanes, and silicones can help you formulate a sustainable product to meet even the most challenging requirements.   

These sealants include: 

  • Cellulose ethers that deliver improved aesthetics and weatherability 
  • Acrylic polymer emulsions for all-purpose and pigmented caulks and sealants – with reduced dirt pickup, mildew growth and paint discoloration 
  • Polyurethanes for demanding construction and industrial applications 
  • Silicones for easy application in cold weather, UV and weather resistance, and durability 
  • DOWSIL™ fire protection sealants to help prevent smoke from spreading between floors where pipes/cables pass through fire-rated structures