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XIAMETER™ OFS-0772 Siliconate

A water dilutable sodium methylsiliconate that is effective on a variety of substrates.


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • Fire Resistant Yes No true
  • Flash Point Open Cup Yes No > 100 °C
  • Hydrophobic Yes No true
  • pH Yes No 13
  • Shelf Life Yes No 1080 Days
  • Silicone Content Yes No 19 %
  • Solids Content Yes No 30 %
  • Specific Gravity @ 25C Yes No 1.25
  • Volatile Organic Content Yes No 80 g/liter
  • Water Resistant Yes No true
  • DOWSIL™ IE 6683 Water Repellent
    A silane/siloxane emulsion blend, dilutable in water to formulate a less than 200 g/l VOC water repellent. (Low VOC)

  • XIAMETER™ PMX-0245 Cyclopentasiloxane

    A volatile, low viscosity cyclopentasiloxane fluid for use in skincare, suncare, color cosmetics, hair care, and antiperspirant / deodorant applications. INCI Name: Cyclopentasiloxane

  • DOWSIL™ IE-6687 Emulsion

    A 52.5% active content non ionic silane-based emulsion designed for DPC application in inorganic material based wall systems. Active ingredients used in this product are reactive chemicals which can chemically attach with masonry or mortar. Low Molecular weight silanes insure diffusion within injected walls.

  • XIAMETER™ OFS-6341 Silane

    Silane used to assist in formulating penetrating treatments that provide water repellency or to alter the polarity of surfaces.

  • XIAMETER™ PMX-200 Silicone Fluid 350 cSt
    100% active, 350 cSt, polydimethylsiloxane polymer. INCI Name: Dimethicone

  • DOWSIL™ 1-6184 Water Repellent
    A low-VOC, multifunctional, self-crosslinking, water soluble siloxane.

  • XIAMETER™ OFS-0777 Siliconate
    A water dilutable potassium methylsiliconate that is effective on a variety of substrates.

  • XIAMETER™ PMX-1501 Fluid
    A blend of an ultra high viscosity dimethiconol in cyclopentasiloxane for use in skincare, suncare, haircare, antiperspirant and deodorant, and color cosmetic applications. INCI Name: Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Dimethiconol

  • XIAMETER™ OFS-6403 Silane
    Undiluted Isobutyltriethoxysilane ideal for treating a variety of substrates to impart water repellency and compatibility with organics.

  • DOWSIL™ 556 Cosmetic Grade Fluid
    A polyphenylmethylsiloxane for use in skincare, suncare, color cosmetic, hair care, and antiperspirant / deodorant applications. INCI Name: Phenyl Trimethicone

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XIAMETER™ OFS-0772 Siliconate
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XIAMETER™ OFS-0772 Siliconate

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XIAMETER™ OFS-0772 Siliconate
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