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UCARE™ Polymer LR-400

This product delievers light conditioning to hair and is suitable for shampoos and conditioners containing large particle size silicones.

Soothing moisture to repair damaged hair and skin

A revolution in multi-use personal care products began 35 years ago when UCARE™ conditioning polymers were introduced. Providing moisturizing benefits to both hair and skin, UCARE™ Polymer LR-400 is a versatile polymer that delivers medium hair conditioning and soothes inflammatory skin reactions, all while supporting "natural", nontoxic label claims. These polymers improve the look and feel of damaged hair while delivering an elegant after touch sensation.

Formulation flexibility to suit any conditioning requirement

UCARE™ LR-400 is the perfect conditioning agent as it suits most conditioning need, in shampoos, body washes, liquid or bar soaps and moisturizers. The polymers are substantive and compatible with a wide range of anionic, amphoteric, nonionic and cationic systems and provide controlled conditioning to a variety of formulations.

Added formulation benefits for beautiful and healthier hair and skin

  • Mends split-ends and frizzies
  • Excellent wet compatibility to hair
  • Helps restore barrier function of skin
  • Forms clear, continuous, non-tacky films
  • Will not irritate the eyes

UCARE™ Conditioning Polymers

Product Name Key Benefits
UCARE™ Polymer LR-400 Delivers medium hair conditioning and soothes inflammatory skin reactions, all while supporting "natural", nontoxic label claims.
UCARE™ Polymer JR-400 Provides medium conditioning on hair and can be used for controlled deposition of large particle size silicone emulsions. Improves comb-ability and feel of hair and reduces frizz. 
UCARE™ Polymer JR-125 Provides light conditioning on hair. Improves comb-ability and feel of hair and reduces frizz. Lowest impact on viscosity of any of the UCARE™ and SoftCAT™ line.  
UCARE™ Polymer LR-30M Provides medium to strong hair conditioning, excellent wet compatibility to hair making it best for damaged, color treated hair to end and frizziness while achieving higher volume. 
UCARE™ Polymer JR-30M Provides medium to strong conditioning on hair and deposits actives on hair and skin without build-up. Improves comb-ability and feel of hair and reduces frizz.  


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • % Nitrogen 0.8-1.1 %
  • Viscosity (2%, aqueous solution) 300-500 cP

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UCARE™ Polymer LR-400
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UCARE™ Polymer LR-400

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UCARE™ Polymer LR-400
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