Drainage Acceptable, Yes
Knockdown High, Medium
Persistency High, Medium

Performance Effective at High pH, Effective at High Shear, Effective at High Temp, Effective at Low pH, Optimum Drainage, Optimum Hardwood, Optimum Knockdown, Optimum Persistency, Optimum Softwood
pH Effectiveness Range 11 or Above, 3 or Below, 3-10

How to Use Ready to Use
Silicone Only - Use Temperature 90C or Above, Below 90C
System Ready-to-Use for Aqueous Systems
Water Dispersible true

% Actives 20 %
Color Milky White
Delivery System Emulsion
Non-Ionic true
Shelf Life 360 Days Days
Type Silicone
Viscosity avg 2200 mPa.s