Movement Capability -50 to 50 %
Resistance Type Ozone Resistance, Thermal Resistance, UV Resistance, Water Resistance
Water Resistant true

Cure System 1-Part Cure
Cure Type Neutral Cure
Number of Parts One
Room Temperature Cure - Hours 168 to 336 Hours
Tack-Free Time-50% RH 65 Minutes
Where Used Job Site
Working Time 10 to 20 Minutes

Adhesion to Alodine Aluminum, Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Enamelled and Reflective Glass, Extruded Mill Finish, Fluorocarbon Coated Aluminum, Glass, Heat Strengthened Glass, Low E Coated Glass, Metal, Metal Panels, Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum/Steel, Stainless Steel, Steel, Vinyl/PVC-U
Appearance Opaque
Chemistry Neutral
Color Black, Grey, White
Durometer - Shore A 40 Shore A
Elongation 525 %
Flow/Sag (Slump) 2.54 mm
Movement Medium
Peel Strength 40 ppi
Shelf Life 540 Days
Specific Gravity @ 25°C 1.339
Substrate Non-porous
Tear Strength 49 ppi
Tensile Strength 350 psi
Volatile Organic Content 30 g/liter