Appearance of Hair Shine
Appearance on Skin Shine
Combing Benefits Enhanced Dry Combing
Hair Conditioning Benefits Anti-static, Frizz Control
Hair Protection Benefits Heat Protection
Hair Styling Benefits Ease of Styling, Hair Alignment, Reduced Friction
Hair Texture Benefits Curl Definition, Curl Retention, Texture Builder
Moisturization Benefits Perceived Moisturization
Performance Benefits Film Former, Sensory Enhancer, Texture Enhancer
Skin Protection Benefits Long Lasting Protection
Skin Sun Protection Benefits SPF Boosting
Skin Texture Benefits Sensory Enhancer (smooth feel)

Cyclopentasiloxane Content < 0.1 %
Cyclotetrasiloxane Content < 0.1 %
Material Type Fluid Blend
Nonvolatile Content 6.25 %
Shelf Life 720 Days
Viscosity 1500 mPa.s
Volatility Not Volatile