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One-part silicone based adhesive with Hybrid curing, which provides excellent flowability and sealing against water and contaminants. 

DOWSIL™ SE 9160 is a one-part silicone based adhesive with Hybrid curing (UV cure with secondary moisture cure), which provides water- and dust-proof reliability and process-ability for electronics. It offers a controlled flow and reparability for optimized dispensing processes and allows consumer device manufactures to save cost.

Faster UV curing improves productivity during manufacturing as the product and components can be handled in short time right after UV curing. Also, low cure shrinkage provides stable sealing and its elasticity provides vibration and impact resistance in assembly application.

For moisture curing, the adhesive is generally cured at room temperature and in an environment of 30 to 80 percent relative humidity, eliminating the need for curing ovens and the associated costs of energy and capital.

Greater than 90 percent of full physical properties should be attained within 24 to 72 hours and varies according to product.

DOWSIL™ SE 9160 Adhesive is suitable for sealing small- to medium-sized consumer devices such as smart phones, tablets and displays. It is particularly effective at sealing air gaps or holes between LCD or OLED display panels and their plastic cover frames.

R&D 100 Award-winning Adhesive
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