AGILITY™ Performance LDPE

AGILITY™ Performance LDPE

Next-generation extrusion coating AGILITY Performance LDPE resin is designed for high speed low gauge processing. With enhanced and globally available process technology, AGILITY addresses the most stringent industry requirements, offering a suitable substitute to extrusion coating materials available today.

AGILITY is specifically designed to allow for high coating speed at low gauges, in combination with remarkable adhesion, sealing and optical properties. It is a robust and versatile material that can be used as décor, lamination or sealant layer in either single or co-extruded structures.

Advantages of AGILITY Performance LDPE

In addition to its remarkable processing performance, AGILITY offers good surface characteristics for after treatments, printing and adhesion to fibrous substrate, low haze and high transparency for enhanced packaging appeal, as well as very good heat seal characteristics of both fin seals and overlap seals to itself or to polyethylene based (co-) polymers.

Moreover, Dow’s exceptional polymer technology and application know-how helps to enable the development of tailored blend technologies by adjusting the density and rheology of the formulation to deliver customized solutions addressing specific extrusion coating processing needs.

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