ECOFAST™ Pure Textile Treatment

Achieve unique, brighter colors on natural textiles while reducing water, dye and energy use.

Unique, Brighter Colors.
More Sustainable Operations.

ECOFAST Pure offers breakthrough advantages for manufacturers. It increases dye uptake and shortens cycle time to deliver up to 75 percent reduction in dye use. With less cycle time and fewer rinses required, ECOFAST Pure can also decrease water use by more than 50 percent.

This patented technology additionally improves colorfastness without the addition of salt to the dye bath and the odor constraints of previous cationic cotton. Reduced total dissolved salts can lead to lower water treatment constraints and overall less energy use.

ECOFAST Pure also allows for the uptake of acid dye on cotton, which enables a wide range of unique colors that were unavailable until now.

*All samples received 4% acid dye loading.

Advantages of ECOFAST Pure

  • Access to acid dyes on natural textiles
  • Brighter, bolder colors
  • Reduced dye use
  • Decreased water use through enhanced dye exhaustion
  • Less energy use through lower temperature operations
  • Reduced effluent salt
  • Fewer fixing agents and additives
  • Less lead time and inventory enabled by dyeing on-demand
  • Achieve special effects 

About ECOFAST Pure Technology

ECOFAST Pure is a pre-treatment applied at the yarn, fabric or apparel stage to produce modified cotton. Cotton modified with ECOFAST Pure acquires a permanent positive charge, enabling it to have a higher affinity for negatively charged molecules, such as dyes.

This patented technology is compatible with reactive, direct and acid dyes and can be applied through most usual dyeing methods, such as jet exhaust and pad application. Typical textiles treated with ECOFAST Pure include tubular knit fabric, yarn, denim, garments, toweling and other natural fibers.

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