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Superior protection against the elements   

With LED environments becoming more exacting and the market calling for greater light output from more compact designs, silicone solutions that provide superior protection against moisture and dust are in high demand. Our world-class silicone coatings, potting/encapsulants and adhesives/sealants offer a balance of powerful adhesion and thermal stability for LED assemblies, both indoors and out.  

Our innovative solutions form durable, strong yet flexible seals that provide reliable protection against environmental contamination for LED assemblies. We offer a range of options that are available in a variety of viscosities and cure chemistries, including a specialty class of optical silicones – encapsulants that double as lensing elements and can extend the overall quality and lifetime of advanced LED designs.   

Rely on our portfolio of high-performance silicones to lock in greater protection and reliability, lock out dust and moisture, and: 

  • Deliver excellent unprimed adhesion to a variety of common substrates such as ceramics, reactive materials and filled plastics 
  • Provide superior protection against the ingress of moisture and dust 
  • Ensure outstanding physical protection across the entire spectrum of LED applications – from chip level materials to outdoor lamps and luminaires operating at temperatures from -45°C to 200°C 

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