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Power Supplies and Modules

Switch on the power and switch off the heat

Higher voltage output, increasing power density, and faster switching are hot trends that demand advanced thermal solutions for electronics systems that drive power supplies and modules. Thermally conductive silicones from Dow dissipate heat and improve the reliability of even the most power dense semiconductors.

Why silicones?

From micro-inverters and power optimizers to computer servers and power supplies, improving thermal management is a universal requirement for long-term performance and reliability of power supplies and modules. Silicones provide remarkable heat resistance, are thin and lightweight, and ideal for filling oddly shaped gaps as well as generating large contact areas for maximum heat transfer.

Which silicones?

Dow silicones span a wide range of protective applications.

  • Our thermally conductive elastomers and gels offer versatile thermal management solutions with a variable level of hardness or stress relief to fit the particular needs of your application. The low viscosity before cure of these products enables them to process easily and fully embed tall components, delicate wires and solder joints, making them particularly suitable for managing high heat in complicated architectures.
  • Our thermally conductive adhesives bond and seal hybrid circuit substrates, semiconductor components, heat spreaders and other applications that demand broad design, flexible processing options and excellent thermal management.
  • Our thermally conductive compounds are particularly suited to complex architectures. They fill even the smallest gaps and act as a thermal bridge that draws heat away from your power supplies most sensitive components. These no-cure materials have low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity, and provide strong bonds with very thin line thickness.

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