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Kitchen Appliances

Keeping kitchens safe and functional

Appliance manufacturers need to deliver highly functional, efficient and durable kitchen appliances that also meet increasingly stringent environmental and safety requirements.

Dow has been a leader in the industry for more than 70 years, offering plastic additives, engineering resins and silicones that can help you meet these demands with enhanced toughness, strength and manufacturing flexibility.

Learn how you can meet the continually evolving demands of the appliance industry.


Today’s major household appliances may incorporate as many as six or seven printed circuit boards, serving purposes from managing the user interface to controlling motor speed to ensuring safe and reliable operation. Silicones resist moisture and chemicals, while helping to insulate against high temperatures. Their flexibility helps protect large components – such as capacitors – against vibration, as well as delicate components – such as leads – from strain caused by thermal cycling.

Thermally conductive adhesives, compounds, and dispensable pads can help further address design goals targeting heat dissipation in power transistor or compressor components, and help bring even greater reliability to your appliance design.

VOC Compliant

Most of Dow’s silicone solutions offer a simple room temperature cure that can be accelerated by heat for greater productivity. Importantly, many are VOC compliant, which further simplifies processing operations as well as end-of-life disposal.

Durable Looks

Engineering resins keep appliances looking great and performing well. They meet industry demands with an excellent balance of hardness, gloss, flexibility and resistance properties for conventional solids and high solids coatings. They provide high gloss and excellent color, as well as retention of performance properties after high-temperature overbakes.