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Home Appliances

Energy-efficient appliances that are built to last

To meet the demands of today’s highly competitive marketplace, appliance manufacturers must satisfy increasingly stringent safety and environmental requirements while also meeting consumer expectations for more efficient, functional and durable household appliances.   

From foam insulating systems that dramatically increase energy efficiency without negatively impacting design or productivity, to plastics additives and engineering resins that enhance the toughness and strength of appliance housings, trust our range of silicone solutions to protect your delicate electronics. 

Simplify the processing and assembly of your products with thermally conductive adhesives, compounds and dispensable pads that bring even greater reliability and manufacturing flexibility to your appliance design. To help you meet the continually evolving demands of the appliance industry, our diverse array of proven silicone solutions offers: 

  • Increased thermal stability
  • Better insulation against high temperatures
  • Improved resistance to moisture and chemicals
  • Greater flexibility, to help protect large components – such as capacitors – against vibration, as well as delicate components – such as leads – from strain caused by thermal cycling
  • Greater productivity thanks to a simple room temperature cure that can be accelerated by heat
  • Improved reliability over the expected lifetime of your appliances
  • VOC-compliant options that further simplify processing operations as well as end-of-life disposal