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Acrylic Sheet and Resin

Versatility and flexibility matter

Flexible Acrylic Resins (FARs) are versatile materials used in a wide range of manufacturing applications. These thermoplastic flexible polymer compositions can be injection molded, extruded, calendered or blown as film. Let’s work together to find the right resin for your process and specifications.

FARs support applications that require:

  • Flexibility
  • Excellent crease-whitening resistance and low whitening from stress
  • Exceptional UV and weather resistance
  • Superior color retention
  • Outstanding printability and paintability with excellent ink and paint adhesion
  • Good adhesion to plastic substrates
  • PVC miscibility – and miscibility or compatibility with other thermoplastics

Some of these applications include:

  • Sheet – roof membranes, geomembranes, pool liners, cap liners, low smoke sheet, flooring, conveyor belts and weather stripping
  • Film – greenhouse or agricultural film, graphic art film, wall coverings, window blinds and shades, printing media, capstock film, specialty tape, coated fabric, shower curtains, and decorative film for automotive interiors and furniture
  • Pipe – flexible pipe for water and gaskets
  • Tubing – flexible tubing, wire and cable insulation tubing, hose, cable jackets and medical tubing
  • Consumer products and toys – PVC- and plasticizer-free toys, tool handles, grommets, DWV (drain/waste/vent) fittings, flexible couplings, electrical plugs and decorative articles