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Highways, Roads and Bridges

Silicone joint sealants outperform in demanding highway and bridge applications

Proven solutions for long-lasting protection

With a demonstrated 20-plus year life-span on highway and road sealing projects, Dow puts their silicone construction expertise to work for your benefit.

Silicone pavement sealants are ideal for sealing a wide range of applications, such as expansion joints, transverse joints, longitudinal joints, construction joints and crack-control joints in highways, roads, bridges, bridge decks, parapet walls and other similar projects.

Put the silicone advantage to work for you

Designed for use on expansion joints, construction joints and crack-control joints in concrete, Dow silicone pavement sealants:

  • Keeps water and incompressible debris out of joints to maintain their function and avoid cracks and prevents freeze-thaw damage
  • Resist UV radiation, extreme temperatures and weather conditions
  • Provide long-lasting sealing by accommodating extreme movement (thermal stress)
  • Exhibit excellent recovery characteristics, making them ideal for use in joints that experience a high degree of movement
  • Outperform organic alternatives – silicones have a great UV stability and temperature and weather resistance to that ensures a long life span
  • Create long-lasting, flexible, low to ultralow-modulus, high-elongation silicone rubber seals capable of withstanding 100 percent extension and 50 percent compression of the original joint width

Available in varying product options, our silicone pavement sealants make it simple to find the right material for your need:

  • Easy-to-install one-part sealants or rapid-cure two-part sealants
  • Ultralow modulus sealants for joints in concrete and asphalt pavements that place very little stress on the bond line
  • Self-leveling sealant to increase efficiency

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