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Airports and Airfields

Airports and Airfields

Protect runways and roadways from severe joint movement and environmental extremes

For joints on demanding airport runways and taxiways, you can trust the proven silicone sealants from Dow. Backed by more than 20 years of silicone construction expertise, Dow’s silicone pavement sealants resist UV radiation, temperature and weather extremes to ensure a durable, long-lasting solution.

Airfield environments change constantly. Dow has responded to these changing conditions with silicone pavement sealants that are long-lasting and ultra-durable. It works by accommodating thermal movement and engineered to offset interference from traffic loading. The sealant’s durability also meets all requirements for flame resistance according to section 4.4.12 of the SS-S-200E (Jet Blast) code.

Get the silicone advantage for airports and airfields application

Reliable silicone joint sealants:

  • Resist UV light, extreme temperatures and help keep water out of joints to prevent freeze-thaw damage
  • Provide excellent recovery, making them ideal for use in joints that experience a high degree of movement
  • Outperform organic alternatives – silicones have greater UV stability and temperature and weather resistance to ensure a long life span
  • Create long-term, flexible, low- to ultralow-modulus, high-elongation silicone rubber seals capable of withstanding extension of 100 percent and compression of 50 percent of the original joint width

Dow’s silicone joint sealants are available in varying product options:

  • Easy-to-install one-part sealants or rapid-cure two-part sealants
  • Ultra-low modulus sealants for joints in concrete and asphalt pavements that place very little stress on the surfaces
  • Self-leveling sealant to reduce labor costs

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