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Fire Resistance

Innovative, protective firestop sealing solutions for fire-rated applications

Meet fire codes without sacrificing silicone sealant performance

Fire-resistant sealants and adhesives from Dow help you design with confidence, ensuring that risks to buildings – and building occupants – are minimized. Designed to help prevent the spread of fire through wall and floor joints and meet the building codes and regulations, these fire-rated sealants:

  • Prevent fire and smoke migration between areas
  • Help to improve indoor air quality by isolating toxic gases, pollutants and other deleterious gases from contaminating indoor air quality
  • Provide healthy environment to the building occupants

Our firestop solutions are available in select countries, including sealants for firestop systems described in the Products Certified for Canada Directory and materials that meet many firestop regulations in Europe.

Superior silicone performance

Count on Dow to deliver more than fire safety compliance – you also get the performance advantages of silicone sealants:

  • Sealants that outperform organic alternatives – lasting longer to avoid premature and costly renovations
  • Proven performance with success in a range of diverse applications
  • Outstanding life-cycle value 
  • Flexibility and adhesion, even while being stretched or compressed
  • Resistance to cracking, splits or tears
  • Technical service support from an industry leader

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