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Building Insulation

Advanced thermal performance for durable and energy efficient buildings.

Houses with solar panels on roof

Building Insulation

Advanced thermal performance for durable and energy efficient buildings.

Innovative and high-performance building solutions

In a world where energy saving is crucial, we're determined to make a difference. At Dow, we're all about working with the industry to design innovative solutions for high-performing building materials. Our polyurethane insulation is a key ingredient for achieving this.

Greater energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact

With Dow's customizable insulation solutions, you can meet market and regulatory demands while reducing the environmental footprint of your products and of buildings. We offer flexible and durable technologies designed to suit your building's unique needs and help you meet directives towards net-zero and energy efficient buildings.

Join us in our mission to build a better and safer world with polyurethane building insulation solutions.

At our core, we’re passionate about sustainability and pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency. That’s why our best-in-class portfolio of insulation materials is designed to deliver high performance while also meeting the increased demand for more building solutions.  

From metal panels insulated with polyisocyanurate (PIR) and polyurethane (PU) systems to composite panels fortified with halogen-free, flame-retardant core layers, our broad range of insulation product offerings are customizable to your specifications and offer superior levels of efficiency and performance for both commercial and residential building applications.

Gain a competitive advantage

Take the lead in the transition toward more energy efficient buildings with innovative insulation technologies for metal panels offering: 

Excellent thermal insulation performance 

Reduced carbon footprint

Advanced moisture protection

Enhanced fire performance and superior flame retardancy

Lightweight and improved longevity 

Compliance to meet stringent national regulations and insurance requirements 

Commercial external metal composite panels on a building with blue sky and clouds in the background. The durable metal composite panels are two shades of grey in color on the modern building.

Products powered by V PLUS Perform™

Discover our high-performance panel insulation technology offering customized solutions with low carbon and circular ingredients. 

As the building industry continues to prioritize energy efficiency and fire safety, spray foam insulation has emerged as a go-to solution for residential and commercial construction. And we're here to offer a range of materials that take spray foam insulation to the next level.

Fill the gap

For irregular surfaces and hard-to reach areas, sealing gaps and cavities to create an airtight barrier that minimizes energy loss, spray foam insulation solutions from Dow help provide:

Excellent performance and lightweight properties

Improved longevity

Increased energy efficiency

Higher yield

Easier mixing

Increased compressive strength

Technician spraying foam insulation using Plural Component Gun for polyurethane foam - Repair tool in the white protect suit applies a construction foam from the gun to the roof of a warehouse.

Expanding the possibilities of spray foam insulation

Discover our range of liquid solutions that contain MDI. 



Technician spraying foam insulation using Plural Component Spray Gun

Looking for customized, fully formulated systems? Contact us today to see how we can help.

Dow offers flexible, customizable systems for entry and garage doors that help you meet demands for durability, sustainability and energy efficiency in a variety of construction applications. From rigid foam polyurethanes for versatility and adhesion performance, to adhesives designed for prefabricated panels for speed, ease of use and additional structural integrity.

Energy efficiency you can rely on

Polyurethane foam gives you everything you want in insulation: more stable indoor temperatures and reduced energy costs. 

Greater structural strength

Our materials fortify your doors with lightweight durability.

Decreases noise exposure

Polyurethane insulation creates a barrier to capture the sound, while noise carries with conventional doors and walls.

Eliminates wind uplift

PU has been proven to eliminate wind lift, tearing and breaking due to hail and wind-borne debris better than other materials.

Sustainability advantages

Compared to water-blown systems or EPS technologies, our HFO/Cyclopentane systems have better thermal efficiencies.

Material cost savings

By using our HFO/Cyclopentane systems, you’ll notice lower material thickness with similar thermal efficiencies. 

Stylish black front door of modern house with white walls, door mat, tree in pot, black bench, stairs and lamps. 3d rendering

The optimal performance at the right cost

Learn more about our VORACOR™ solutions for high- and low-pressure systems.  

Resources card image

Polyurethane Insulation Products

Explore our polyurethanes insulation product range. 

Global energy demand is rising, as is the need for more affordable insulation options for transporting thermal energy from the generator to the consumer. Our innovative insulation solutions can help you keep gas moving through district heating pipeline networks of all sizes – safely and responsibly.

Effective, efficient, and safe

From polyurethane systems to isocyanates to polyether polyols, you can trust our proven insulation offerings to make your district heating project a success. Effective across a broad spectrum of operating conditions, our technologies provide:

More efficient energy resource usage

Improved sustainability and affordability

Greater stability and thermal efficiency

VORACOR ™ Custom Solutions

Developed to improve energy efficiency, these solutions can be tailored to meet the regulatory requirements for low-Global Warming Potential blowing agents.

Insulation Systems

Explore our proven insulation systems for district heating pipeline networks. 

Speak to an expert

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