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Construction Calculators

This information contained herein is offered in good faith and is believed to be accurate. However, because conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control, this information should not be used in substitution for customer's tests to ensure that Dow products are safe, effective, and fully satisfactory for the intended end use.

Free online calculators from Dow simplify your construction planning 

Sealant usage estimator

Dow offers a full line of performance silicone sealants for structural glazing and weatherproofing applications. Determine the amount of sealants you may need for your project. Estimate the needs based on your own past experience with percent waste on the job. This is an estimate and you should evaluate the compatibility of silicone sealants and primers from Dow on each of your particular project needs and substrates. Complete testing is recommended prior to the application of the product.

Sealant Usage Estimator

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Primer usage calculator

Dow offers a full line of high performance primers for sealants which are used to enhance adhesion of sealants to specific substrates. Determine the amount of primer you may need for your project. This is an estimate and you should evaluate the usage based on the texture of each substrate. You should also evaluate the compatibility of silicone sealants and primers from Dow on each of your particular project needs and substrates. Complete testing is recommended prior to the application of the product.

Primer Usage Estimator


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Structural bite calculators

Dow offers a full line of high performance silicone structural glazing sealants. Only silicone sealants are suitable for use in structural glazing applications to attached glass, metal or other panel materials to a metal frame in lieu of gaskets and mechanical attachments. Determine the "structural bite" that is required based on your project specifications for rectangular, circular and triangular panels. 

Circular Panel Calculations

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Rectangular & Square Panel Calculations

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Triangular Panel Calculations

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Deadload calculator

In structural glazing applications, the weight of the panel places constant load upon the sealant, called the "deadload". Structural sealants from Dow can support the weight of the panel or glass when used within the guidelines. Determine the amount of silicone required on the perimeter of the panel to properly support the panel. 

Deadload Calculator

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Glueline thickness table

Proper glueline thickness facilitates the installation of sealant and allows reduced stress on the structural joint resulting from differential thermal movement. Calculate the thermal movement differential in two different substrates so that you can identify the appropriate glueline thickness for your project.

Calculate BITE, in (mm) Minumum glueline, in  (mm) Maximum glueline, in (mm)
0.25 (6.4 mm) 0.25 (6.4 mm) 0.25 (6.4 mm)
0.375 (9.6 mm) 0.25 (6.4 mm) 0.375 (9.6 mm)
0.5 (12.7 mm) 0.25 (6.4 mm) 0.5 (12.7 mm)
0.625 (15.9 mm) 0.25 (6.4 mm) 0.5 (12.7 mm)
0.75 (19.1 mm) 0.25 (6.4 mm) 0.5 (12.7 mm)
0.875 (22.3 mm) 0.3 (7.6 mm) 0.5 (12.7 mm)
1 (25.4 mm) 0.34 (8.7 mm) 0.5 (12.7 mm)
1.25 (31.8 mm) 0.42 (10.7 mm) 0.5 (12.7 mm)
1.5 (38.1 mm) 0.5 (12.7 mm) 0.5 (12.7 mm)

Themal movement calculator

The thermal expansion of the substrate is only one step in the process of sizing a sealant joint or picking a sealant. Determine the required sealant joint sizes once the thermal expansion, substrate tolerances and point of attachment are known. Thermal expansion coefficients are used from ASTM C1472. 

Thermal Movement Calculator

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