Engage & Embrace

Celebrate individuality. Embrace well-being. Shape society with positive values.

We celebrate diversity and individuality while being responsible and fully engaged. We are concerned about the world and what we’re leaving behind. Social consciousness, commitment to the planet and our values, and the desire to make an impact are all part of our lifestyle. Today’s motto: contribute to society in a positive way, embrace our well-being and the environment, and shape a society with positive values. Our credo: DO.

TRENDS|LAB is a series of inspiring concept collections for tomorrow’s beauty trends. Each edition offers formulation concepts showcasing how to get ahead of the consumer curve in your own product development. Our sample kit will let you see and feel how these formulations can help you stay ahead of the trends — and in sync with the trendsetters’ demands.

Tomorrow’s beauty trends are represented by these four concepts: Glamorous Beauty, Care/Nomad, Inclusive Beauty and Customization.

Trends Lab Concept Collections

Young woman with pale skin in sparkly gold dress and colorful makeup against black background.

Glamorous Beauty

Satisfy the desire for the exceptional, glamorous, assertive femininity. Be bold and powerful. Return to the Golden Age’s sparkling glam and luxury. This comeback is balanced with today’s ethics and responsibility. Dare to be “glitterful,” ultra-shimmery, with a touch of class.

A lightweight illuminator that can be used over foundation or blended with a facial care product (CPF 4123)

This weightless, quick-absorbing moisturizer delivers shimmering skin for an evening of sparkle (CPF 4124)

Beautiful young woman with pale skin wearing sun hat lying on stomach in grass with book open in hand looking at camera straight on.


With benevolence and an elevated consciousness, we need “meaning-full” experiences, rich sensations and a deep connection to the environment. Strong values, creativity and commitment blend with authenticity. We care for ourselves, our neighbors and the world. Like nomads, we are on the move and need simple products. More joy, more color, more positive action.

A clear gel soap with a playful texture and bubbles (CPF 4125)

Add comfortable, long-lasting color that works for lips, eyes and cheeks with this multifunctional crayon (CPF 4127)

A fragrance-free shampoo bar that feels homemade (CPF 4126)

Group of women and men of difference races smiling at camera.

Inclusive Beauty

Embrace the diverse spectrum of beauty. Remove the old labels: age, gender, body type, sexuality, skin color. Beauty choices are made by each unique person. Respond to the greater needs. Go beyond and empower.

A genderless foundation that masks pores for a long-lasting natural look and SPF protection (CPF 4128)

A clear, gender-neutral, 2-in-1 mascara gel which enhances lashes and eyebrows as a top coat or on its own (CPF 4130)

The transforming color of this lipstick adapts to your unique lip color (CPF 4129)


Celebrate individuality with precisely tailored beauty. Move away from the homogenous, limiting mass-market offerings. We want to take the lead, choosing what looks good and works for us. The new luxury is having something made “just for us.”

Customizable leave-on hair conditioner (CPF 4131)

Customized leave-on conditioner
Find a hair conditioner that is just right “4 You”