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Greenhouse and Tunnel Film

Protecting crops and improving yields

Growing populations and increasing consumer desire for year-round access to fresh produce call for more efficient production and crop protection methods. Polyethylene is a versatile material that can be used for agricultural films to protect crops and improve crop yield. The film is durable and maintains its integrity while being resource-efficient. All of this can translate into a longer harvest period.

Greenhouse and tunnel films offer clear benefits

  • Allow for a greater diversify of crop types
  • Protect crops from weather conditions and pests
  • Reduce thermal shock between day and night
  • Ensure effective watering

Polyethylene for greenhouse and tunnel films

Greenhouses and tunnels are generally made at very high layflats, as high as 65 feet. As a result, bubble stability is very important during production. Polyethylene films for these applications must:

  • Resist exposure to UV light
  • Resist fogging due to condensation of interior moisture
  • Resist environmental contaminants (acid rain and particulates)
  • Be tough enough to withstand abuse
  • Allow the transmission of light

Key technologies for greenhouses and tunnels include DOWLEX™ and DOWLEX™ GM polyethylene resins, and AGILITY™ performance LDPE resins.

We’ve taken our expertise in polyethylene and applied it to our industry knowledge in agriculture to enable high-performance agricultural films. Let’s talk about how we can help you yield your best results.