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Bale Wrap

Providing high-quality film wrap for bale silage

The goal of silage making is to conserve and store crop nutrients using lactic acid bacteria to ensure rapid fermentation in air-free conditions and to minimize losses from harvesting until feeding. No matter the system, the ensiling and storage system's main functions are to exclude air during the ensiling process and to prevent air from entering the silage during storage. So why bale silage?

Speed of harvest, moisture content, chop length, silage distribution and compaction can greatly influence the fermentation process and storage losses. Efficient fermentation generally ensures a more palatable and digestible feedstuff. This promotes maximum dry matter consumption by livestock, which usually results in improved milk and/or live weight gain performance.

The importance of quality wrap

A key component of producing quality bale silage is having quality film wrap. The best silage films are made by film manufacturers in partnership with raw material providers who have a strong understanding of the silage market. Leading brands of film made with DOWLEX™ Polyethylene Resins for silage provide customers with excellent cling and exceptional puncture resistance to help minimize silage spoilage and help ensure low oxygen and water permeability to preserve the nutritional value of the ensiled crop.

Bale silage wrap films technical properties and benefits

  • Improved film consistency, reducing breakdowns
  • Outstanding "cling" for better seal efficiency
  • Tough puncture resistance to help minimize silage spoilage from film damage
  • Low oxygen and water permeability to maintain the high nutritional value of silage
  • High load retention to keep the bale shape intact during transport and storage